Massage and Therapy Appointment
Massage and Energy Therapy

At harmonic wellness center

we believe you are the expert on you and we work with you in designing a massage and energy therapy treatment plan to fit your lifestyle.

Our intention is to offer a safe environment that inspires you and brings you in touch with your inner abundance and wellbeing; to bring healing and regenerative spirit of love in the form of massage.

We are practitioners in the complimentary alternative medical field who believe in the power of nature and the presence of energy in our bodies. Our approach focuses on noninvasive massage treatments to help your body do its own healing.

We use mind-body massage therapy techniques to strengthen the communication between your mind and your body and believe these systems must be in harmony for a healthy life.

Our goal is to provide a variety of massage and energy therapies to our clients and to specialize each session in order to enhance our clients' experience. Living in harmony with nature frees our mind, body and spirit; expands our insight and wisdom beyond our daily routines and allows us to connect with all that is pure, natural and beautiful.

Welcome to harmonic wellness center we hope you enjoy your visit and come back often!

Lisa A. Hunstiger,
BCTMB, Reike 1 & 2, HTIP-A, TCM